Debernise Nieves- Founder


Influencer specialized in digital marketing, television production and events.

Born in San Juan P.R. on Oct. 9, 1986.

She has been a Collaborator for more than 8 years with different non-profit institutions, such as the home for children little Joshua and, Home Baby Jesus among others.

 Debs Nieves began her philanthropic efforts ‘’we care project’’ on 2017, a program dedicated to provide disaster relief and direct outreach after 2017 natural disasters, Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria.

 In 2019 she started as a Collaborator and godmother at ‘’ Lucero de Amor’’. A home specialized in human trafficking victims; during her collaboration and efforts to create innovative programs to empower the victims and bring them support, She saw that there is a great need as well as room to create and serve through specialized support groups, engaging therapeutic programs and much more.

It helped her decide to do something more to help the victims and create awareness against human trafficking in all its modalities, including mistreatment and child abuse. 

Her passion for philanthropy and interest in serving others, lead her to meet Nahir Toro and together they embark on their mission of love, founding what we know today as We Care Project Foundation.


Dra. Nahir Toro Masdeu- Co-Founder

 Masters degree in Psychology, Philanthropist, public motivational speaker, cancer survivor, Wife, Mother and Grandmother.

 Born in Mayagüez PR on October 13, 1968

She has collaborated for more than 20 years with different non-profit institutions, such as Muscular Dystrophy, Carousel Foundation and many others.


Nahir Toro has been Recognized by multiple entities and news media for her philanthropic work.

 She is a sponsor and godmother for ''Lucero de Amor'' home; A home that specializes in human trafficking victims; her efforts during this time sparked the interest and desire to do something more for against human trafficking in all its modalities, including mistreatment and child abuse, seeing that there is a great need to serve and create support groups.  .

Dedicated full-time to philanthropy, life unites her with the influencer and millennial Debs Nieves and together, motivated by the same passion, formed a great team and a complicity gathering, deciding to join forces to form the We Care Project Foundation.

Team Members